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How HILSC works with social service providers, community organizations, and advocates:

HILSC tries to see the bigger picture.

HILSC works to increase access to services for all immigrants.

HILSC brings immigrant serving organizations together to discuss issues and challenges you are facing and we work together to find solutions.

HILSC runs working groups to proactively workshop certain common issues.

HILSC encourages communication through listservs and making individual connections.

What it means to be a HILSC ally

HILSC is only as strong as our allies: those other immigrant serving organizations that form our network.

HILSC is not a membership organization, so we do not collect dues from those in our network. Instead, we ask our allies to contribute their time, participation, and ideas. Our collaboration works with the contributions of our allied organizations, participation in working groups and joining our convenings. HILSC grants help catalyze our ally's efforts to help immigrant community members thrive. We also support each other by uplifting the successes of our efforts and celebrating the work the ecosystem does in social gatherings such as the end of year party.

End of Year Toi

Become an Ally!

To learn more about becoming part of the HILSC network, submit an inquiry form.


Connection with Legal Services

Through work and collaboration with social workers, many attorneys are beginning to understand the impact of trauma and social services needs on their clients and their legal cases. Immigration legal services is evolving to incorporate these ideas. HILSC, backed up by many years of scholarship on the topic, advocates for a holistic and integrated legal and social services model. Closer communication and coordination between immigration legal advocates and social services providers, including having social workers on staff at immigration legal service providers, is in the best interest of immigration clients and all those that work with them.

Help us fortify the ecosystem to assist immigrants
in greater Houston.

Support co-creating a vibrant and resilient ecosystem where all immigrants, migrants, and refugees belong.



Holistic Legal
Services Capacity

Augment the capacity of immigration legal services providers to take an interdisciplinary approach in serving Greater Houston's diverse and growing immigrant population


Access to Services

Advocate for efficient and equitable access to holistic legal and social services for all immigrants



Increase awareness and understanding of immigrant needs and perspectives by providing a platform to elevate their voices and those of organizations working with them



Foster and facilitate a collaborative ecosystem of legal and social service providers, funders, and elected officials to benefit immigrants in the Greater Houston region

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