Disaster Resources

Disaster Equity & Humanitarian Action Plan

HILSC’s Disaster Resource Guide (DRG)

Comprehensive list of resources for immigrant advocates.

The DRG is an open-source Google doc that contains information on active disasters, sources for reliable information, preparedness, and immigrant impact. To make the DRG easy to navigate, users can browse the table of contents to find information related to weather disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic, including testing, vaccines, housing and cash assistance resources, and immigration court information.

Four Years After Harvey: Building a Disaster Equity Program

The Houston Immigration Legal Service Collaborative’s (HILSC) Immigrant Disaster Equity Program was created in response to Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. At the time, many called it an equal opportunity disaster, but research demonstrates that immigrants were disproportionately impacted and slower to recover from Harvey than those born in the United States. In fact, the more Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) aid an area receives after a disaster the more wealth inequality grows. Read our full report to learn what we uncovered through this program and the priorities moving forward in this area.

Humanitarian Action Plan

When Hurricane Harvey struck the gulf coast, HILSC stepped up for immigrants in response and recovery, and is now building systems for the next disaster. HILSC developed 34 Humanitarian Action Plan (HAP) recommendations, including ten HILSC commitments to guide coordinated emergency management planning for immigrants. The HAP is based on interviews with over 80 people from more than 40 agencies – including undocumented immigrants, immigrant-serving and emergency management professionals, and decision makers on funding and policy. The expertise of immigrant-serving and emergency management organizations have seldom been brought together in one plan.

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