Co-creating Holistic Immigrant Services

Silos Busting

Holistic Immigrant Services grew out of the Connect for Healthcare initiative with a goal of using HILSC’s convening "superpower" to gather immigrant-serving organizations to develop a set of priorities posts-Pandemic and to bust the silos reinforced during the Pandemic. By bringing together representatives from different service providers that work with immigrants, we share lessons learned about providing services during the Pandemic and adaptations to strengthen our effectiveness.

To understand the two perspectives of service provision: one from the provider and the other from immigrant receivers of services, HILSC partnered with Protecting Immigrant Families (PIF), to learn what Houston's immigrant communities experienced when accessing services, and apply the knowledge to inform the service provision. 

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Step 1

We convened representatives and organizations serving a diverse cross-section of Greater Houston immigrant communities to discuss the issues and pain-points their communities encounter when accessing public support programs.

Step 2

We convened the same immigrant advocacy groups to identify approaches and solutions to alleviate these access challenges.

Step 3

We analyzed the qualitative data collected during these meetings to identify themes and commonalities to determine the direction of future meetings.

Step 4:

We invited a broad section of immigrant-serving providers in Greater Houston covering healthcare, nutrition, education, housing, as well as city and County representatives to have a conversation about what providing services looks like in a “post-pandemic” Houston, as well as presenting the results and themes developed during the earlier discussions with immigrant advocacy groups.

Step 5:

HILSC held a Friendsgiving event to crystalize how each participating organization brings their expertise to creative a holistic pie of service to address the themes identified earlier: creating a hub to overcome the geographical sprawl of Greater Houston; developing a network of navigator, case managers, community health workers, and case managers to share expertise and curate channels of warm hand-off referrals for clients; sharing and understanding data to measure the impacts and change the narrative of immigrants.

Help us fortify the ecosystem to assist immigrants
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Support co-creating a vibrant and resilient ecosystem where all immigrants, migrants, and refugees belong.


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