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May 15, 2024

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HILSC is excited to announce that we have debuted our new website!

We have incorporated feedback to create a community facing website that can connect visitors to the resources that they need whether they are a legal service provider, social services professional, community advocate or a community member.




The overhauled backend of our website has allowed us to streamline navigation on the site while smartly categorizing resources and communication to serve up the most relevant items to visitors searching for information. The updated search engine, found as a magnifying glass in the upper left corner, also works as a powerful tool to connect everyone to what they need.





In the spirit of collaboration, the new site allows us to invite representatives from our ecosystem to add items to our website, events on the calendar and job postings. Please reach out to us if you or someone in your organization would like to receive access to submit items to these pages.




Finally, here at HILSC we want to continue growing our ecosystem with emerging or existing organizations that align with our mission. If you or an organization you know would like to become a formal ally to our cause, please visit our “HILSC Allies” page under “About Us” to find the form to “Become an Ally.”






Though the road for debuting today’s new site has been a long one, we are not done yet! Over the coming months, we will continue building on this new foundation with additional features and improvements. As we continue this work, we invite our community to provide us feedback so we can incorporate those ideas as it aligns with the fundamental structure of the website. HILSC would not be here today without the community and its allies, so we are very proud of showcasing a new digital home that reflects that.


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