How to Support Haitian and Black Migrants – Stop Rapid Expulsion of Haitians

September 22, 2021

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Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative decries the border patrol’s racist and violent treatment of Haitian migrants at the border. We condemn the Biden Administration’s decision to summarily expel Haitians, including children and families without affording them the opportunity to apply for protection.

Haitians are at our border as a result of a series of compounded crisis over the years, including the recent devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that destroyed many homes, schools, and churches, as well as the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse that took place just a few weeks ago. Half of the estimated 800,000 earthquake victims have yet received any humanitarian aid and the country is still recovering from the political turmoil. There is great uncertainty about the future of Haiti and its ability to safely receive those being sent back. The Biden Administration’s forcible expulsion of Haitians not only deprives people the opportunity to apply for protection, but it also endangers their lives. This is in violation of U.S. asylum and humanitarian law. The Biden Administration must reverse course and immediately stop deportation flights to Haiti. Investigate the use of whip or whip-like equipment and other mistreatment of Haitians by Border Patrol.

President Biden must fulfill his campaign promise and take immediate actions to move forward with humane and fair immigration solutions:

  • Halt deportation and end the use of Title 42 to expel migrants at the Border and Ports of Entry
  • Afford asylum-seekers the opportunity to seek protection
  • Enact Wide-Scale Humanitarian Parole for Haitians
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to Haitians who are in Del Rio
  • Invest in Humane, fair and equitable immigration system

Support our allies on the ground by joining their calls for action and donating to them:















Houston Haitians United

Houston Haitians United seeks volunteers and donations to support their work. A current list of their volunteer needs is available on their Facebook page.

Haitian Bridge Alliance

Haitian Bridge Alliance  is on the ground helping Haitian migrants in Del Rio and beyond. They need donations to support their critical work.

Haitian Bridge Toolkit:

To Donate:

Black Alliance for Just Immigration

BAJI released a rapid response toolkit to support urgent action on behalf of Haitian and Black migrants on the U.S. - Mexico border

Toolkit Link:

Donate to support their work:

Black LGBTQIA + Migrant Project

BLMP uses leadership development, capacity building, and organizing to address the ways in which Black LGBTQIA+ migrants are targeted by the criminal law and immigration enforcement system, and marginalized in the broader migrant community and racial and economic justice movements.

Donate to support their work (select BLMP for the gift designation):

UndocuBlack Network

UndocuBlack Network is fighting to create space for currently and formerly undocumented Black immigrants to not only survive but thrive. They have asked everyone interested in supporting Haitian migrants to donate to organizations like Haitian Bridge and uplift information and advocacy supported by organizations like those listed above.

To Donate:

Black Freedom Factory

San Antonio based Black Freedom Factory is collecting donations and volunteers to support relief efforts for Haitian migrants coming through Houston.

To support their work:


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